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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to give back in Prince George’s County? There are a number of volunteer opportunities available to support organizations and residents in need.

Volunteer at a local food pantry

Food pantries often rely on volunteer support and donations to operate. Consider taking time out of your day to help out at an upcoming food distribution or sign up for a recurring volunteer shift. 

The FEC is happy to connect you to a food pantry that is in need of volunteer support. Please check this list of food pantries looking for volunteer support. If you need additional help, please email for information on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer with PGC Food Rescue

Want to do something about food waste and hunger on your own schedule? PGC Food Rescue makes it easy to volunteer and make a big difference in your community! PGC Food Rescue is seeking volunteers to use their own cars to transport excess healthy food from businesses that have too much to agencies serving people in need. The whole process usually takes under an hour and it’s extremely rewarding. To date, local food rescuers have saved over 5.5 million pounds of food from going to waste while helping neighbors experiencing food insecurity. 

Sign up here! Questions? Please email

Volunteer With the PGC Food Equity Council

The FEC is a non-profit food policy council made up of volunteer members. This work is made possible through the generous time and energy of county residents interested in supporting a healthy and equitable food system. 

Become a member today! Join one of our upcoming FEC meetings that are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. FEC members are encouraged to participate in at least one working group to support our priority initiatives. 

Questions? Please email