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Our Accomplishments 

The Prince George’s County Food Equity Council works to help county residents grow, sell, and choose healthier foods. Since 2013, our council has been a voice for county residents at the policymaking table. We’ve made real strides in advancing our mission, which has led to significant policy accomplishments and recognition of Prince George’s County as a leader in progressive and fair food, farm, and health policy. Our food policy work has been highlighted in state-level, regional, and nationally facing conferences, webinars, and publications. 

Prince George’s County Food Equity Council’s work has changed the landscape of this county, where vacant lots used to sit, now food truck hubs and urban farms are growing. Our work has impacted the entire county, from the Inner Beltway to the rural farmlands. We have leveraged diverse partners to address issues like local food and agriculture business development, school meals, improved standards and permitting processes for farmers markets, and ensured healthier standards for food and beverages served on kids’ meals at county restaurants.