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The Prince George’s County Food Equity Council (FEC) is a local independent food policy council for Prince George’s County, Maryland, made up of 22 local leaders representing anti-hunger direct service and advocacy groups, grocery stores, government agencies, community based organizations, civic associations, urban farms, universities, and health care providers.

FEC members work collaboratively with stakeholders to revitalize the local, regional, and national food systems. By identifying deficiencies and promoting innovative solutions, FEC will help transform the food system into one that improves public health, ensures environmental sustainability, and spurs sound economic development.


The mission of the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council is to significantly improve public health and community well-being of all who live, work, study, worship and play in the County. It will develop and support policies, approaches, procedures, practices and initiatives to create systemic change to the local food system, promoting health, economic opportunity, food security, and wellbeing, especially among communities that have been negatively impacted by the current food system.


The Prince George’s County Food Equity Council developed out of the Port Towns Community Health Partnership (PTCHP), a collaboration of community residents, organizations and funders, all working together to support healthy living in the Port Towns of Prince Georges County. From January 2013 through September 2013, a taskforce developed by the PTCHP was charged with developing guidelines for the structure and function of the proposed food policy council. The taskforce was chaired by Maryland Hunger Solutions and was a collaboration between ECO City Farms, the Institute for Public Health Innovation, Maryland Hunger Solutions, Prince George’s County Planning Department, the Prince George’s County Health Department, and Prince George’s County Extension office.

The taskforce officially named the policy council the Prince George’s County Food Equity demonstrating Prince George’s County’s leadership in, and commitment to, promoting equity through food system change. In recognition of this commitment, the County Council of Prince George’s County passed a resolution July 9, 2013 formally endorsing the formation of the Food Equity Council and granting a an annual hearing with the full County Council to present its findings.

The Food Equity Council officially launched on October 26th, 2013. The Food Equity Council was incubated and is currently housed within the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI). The role of IPHI is to ensure that the FEC has the capacity and support it needs to be productive and sustainable, and to provide financial and administrative support as its fiscal sponsor.

The Food Equity Council is generously supported by the Port Towns Community Health Partnership and the Town Creek Foundation

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