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Our accomplishments

The Food Equity Council has leveraged diverse partners to address issues like local food and agriculture business development and improved standards and permitting processes for farmers markets that positively affect all residents of Prince George’s County.

Our work with partners and County Council has led to significant policy accomplishments and growing recognition of Prince George’s County as a state and regional leader in progressive and fair food, farm, and health policy.  

Specifically, the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council has:

  • Worked with coalition partners to pass the first comprehensive kids' meals legislation in the country 
  • Convened stakeholders and worked with partners to substantially reduce and streamline farmers market permitting fees and processes and successfully advocated for legislation to extend the operating hours and days of markets
  • Partnered with the Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement to establish and provide technical assistance to a Farmers Market Liaison
  • Researched, drafted, and successfully advocated for the Food Truck Hub Program Legislation and actively serves as the chairing organization of the Healthy and Safe Food Subcommittee of the program’s Oversight Committee
  • Convened stakeholders to draft and share promising practices for Urban Agriculture Property Tax Credit Legislation
  • Ensured key positions providing critical support services to County farmers maintained funding
  • Partnered with Maryland Hunger Solutions to support the passage of the Maryland Hunger Free Schools Act of 2015 Legislation
  • Raised awareness of Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Universal Breakfast Programs through three Hear the Maryland Crunch events
  • Hosted three Food Equity Forums to bring together over 150 County residents to discuss critical County-level food policy issues
  • Convened stakeholders to successfully advocate for $50,000 to be refunded to SNAP to Health Program in FY 2016 and FY 2017 to assist County farmers markets in accepting SNAP/EBT
  • Co-hosted a roundtable discussion with the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation on local food and agriculture business development and innovation
  • Researched, drafted, organized stakeholders and residents, and successfully advocated for the Urban Farm Definition Amendment to expand urban farming in the County into residential zones
  • Created resources, branded, and launched a website for Prince George’s County’s urban farming initiative, “Bloomin’ PGC”
  • Provided expert feedback and model tool on food, farming, and public health uses and hosted a tour of urban agriculture sites for the Planning Department’s Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Team
  • Partnered to launch a food justice-focused event and coalition for communities affected by grocery store closures in the 20743 zip code
  • Successfully advocated for a $25,000 County Council Non-Departmental Grant to support FEC’s work in FY 2017

The Food Equity Council is increasingly seen as a leader in food policy at the state and regional level. We have been invited to present at statewide and regional conferences on our advocacy efforts to promote progressive food, farm, and health policy and are frequently asked to share best practices with new food councils as a model council.

Our 2021 Workgroups

Food As Medicine  

  • In partnership with the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Workgroup of the Prince George's County Healthcare Action Coalition, FEC staff and committee members are implementing Prince George’s Fresh, a pilot fruit and vegetable coupon benefit program designed to increase access to healthy food in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

Food Assistance Provider Support 

  • The FEC provides support to organizations and agencies providing food assistance to residents by providing coordination, resource and best practice sharing, strategic planning, and advocacy. 

Food Waste & Recovery  

  • FEC committee members and staff promote and advocate for initiatives, partnerships, and policies that reduce, recover and recycle food waste. Members also support the Prince George's County Food Rescue initiative. 


Farmers Market Support 

  • Members provide farmers markets and their supporting agencies and non-profits with technical assistance and advocacy support to ensure they can operate and grow. 

Values-Based Procurement

  • Implemented in partnership with the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Workgroup of the Prince George's County Healthcare Action Coalition, members advocate for policies and initiatives that leverage the power of public and institutional food procurement to create value for residents, communities, and the environment. 

Urban Farmer Support 

  • Committee members are working on policy strategies to legalize urban farm fowl on urban farms located in the county to support local urban farm economics. The committee also provides urban farmers with technical assistance and advocacy support to ensure they can operate and grow. 

Healthy Food Priority Areas



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