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COVID-19 Food Assistance Provider Call
FEC: Workgroup Meetings
Thursday, September 24, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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The bi-weekly Prince George's County COVID-19 Food Assistance Provider Calls are the result of a partnership between Prince George's County Food Equity Council and the Prince George's County Department of Social Services. We know your calendar is full right now. We will try to cover the call objectives as quickly as possible but ask that you try to hold the full 90 minutes if you are able.

We'll be using Zoom Video-Conferencing for this call. If you're new to Zoom, please feel free to join early (we'll open the Zoom Room 10 minutes early) and review the below Zoom tutorial. It is best if you are in front of your computer for the call. The Zoom smartphone app can be challenging to use.

Call Objectives:
  • Ensure our food assistance providers are aware of resources available to support their work and clients;
  • Identify gaps in service areas to more strategically target resources to underserved communities;
  • and, Identify collective food assistance provider needs (volunteers, PPE, hand sanitizer, bags, etc) so we can seek and, as capacity and resources allow, distribute needed resources to support the County's food assistance response.
To receive email updates regarding future calls and meeting minutes, please sign up here:[UNIQID]

To register for the call on September 24th, please sign up here: 

Zoom Tutorial:
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