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Member Spotlight: Humon Heidarian

Humon is a food equity advocate and FEC member with a master's degree in public administration from the University of Vermont. Born and raised in neighboring Montgomery County, Humon is passionate about fostering a just and equitable local food system in the region.

Humon became interested in agriculture and food policy as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. After graduating in 2017, Humon began working at ECO City Farms as a Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member. During this time, he started attending FEC meetings to learn more about how community residents can work together to foster an equitable local food system. After finishing grad school, he rejoined the council and is now the co-chair of the Urban Farm Fowl Committee, which works on changing county zoning ordinance to allow farm fowl on urban farms.

Earlier this year, Humon worked as a freelance writer for Food & Power, a website that publishes reporting and resources on consolidation and the influence of corporate power in the food system. We invite you to read his series of three articles on the effects of land consolidation on BIPOC farmers: 

Moving forward, Humon will continue to advocate for policies that create a more equitable local food system. He hopes to do more freelance writing about issues related to food and farming in the future. 

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