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FEC Statement on Violence Against Asian-Americans

We, the Prince George's County Food Equity Council (FEC), want to express our solidarity with and support for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community. We condemn the recent attacks and acts of violence against Asian-Americans. The attacks in Georgia that left eight Americans dead, six of whom were Asian-American women, are a continuation of escalating violence against Asian-Americans throughout the country.

These attacks are yet another tragic example of the pervasiveness of racism, xenophobia, and white supremacy in American society fueled by fear, misinformation, and tribalism. Even in communities that haven’t experienced the extreme hate crimes reported in the national media, Asian-Americans and other marginalized identities continue to face everyday instances of both overt discrimination and implicit bias that affect their physical health and mental well-being in the short and long term.

Our country's history of racist policies and exploitation of Asian-Americans is often forgotten or ignored, including in the food system. On Feb. 19, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order No. 9066, which led all Japanese-Americans on the West Coast, two-thirds of whom worked in agriculture, to be forced from their homes and businesses into internment camps during World War II. The fields of family farms sat fallow growing weeds, and farm equipment was looted. Japanese-Americans in the internment camps were coerced into working the camp farms and were paid a quarter of the average earnings of farm workers. The camp fields they cultivated for years, with the soil they improved, was sold at low rates to G.I.’s as they returned from war. 

With equity front and center of both our name and mission, the FEC is committed to recognizing the impacts of historic and systemic racism and supporting Asian-American and other marginalized members of our community. We recognize the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces for all residents. We are taking small steps to address the symptoms of racism while dismantling their roots in systems of oppression and exclusion. 

We urge all friends and allies of the FEC to join us in paying closer attention to microaggressions and other acts of bias against our members and residents. While these microaggressions might not make headlines, they have harmful consequences on the health, safety, and security of residents in our county. 

In the coming months, members of the FEC will explore opportunities and additional resources to more effectively address the interpersonal and structural racism that has resulted in a culture of tribalism and exclusion for far too long. In the meantime, we encourage further education, advocacy, and resource sharing to dismantle anti-Asian discrimination and build a more just and equitable community in Prince George’s County. 


If you are able to donate, please consider making a contribution to the many organizations supporting Asian-American communities throughout the country and in the DC metro area.

 If there are other organizations or resources that you would like to add to this list, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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